KR Audio

KR Audio power tubes are artistic perfection. The compnay got started by Dr. Ricardo KRON under the name KRON Audio in 1992. Built in the former Czech Republic Philips vacuum tube manufacturing facility, which became a Tesla factory under Soviet control, KR Audio passionately crafts the most elegant, durable, sonically perfect large triode power tubes ever available. Each tube is hand crafted from the best Bohemian materials by skilled artisans to exacting perfection. With KR Audio power tubes installed in your equipment, you will have the best audio experience possible. You deserve nothing less than KR Audio tubes.

10 reasons WHY KR Audio tubes are superior:

  1. Patented multi-ribbon filament / cathode provide four emissive surfaces per filament, equating to 32 electrical cathodes (eight filaments x four surfaces = 32). This unique design provides far greater power output and sonic dynamics.
  2. Extreme dark black plate insures the most efficient electron absorption, providing the highest audio power output possible.
  3. All glass is hand blown and formed in KR Audio from ultra durable SIMAX®, a world renowned borosilicate hard glass available only in the Czech Republic, insuring the strongest vacuum possible.
  4. Polished heavy brass bases provide excellent heat dissipation and solid tube support.
  5. Robust Bakelite bases provide superior arc protection, durable heat resistance, and solid tube support.
  6. Gold plated pins provide corrosion free connections that never interfere with the music.
  7. Each power tube has internally mounted serialization for quick identification with verifiable performance records.
  8. All tubes are very hard vacuum taking from several hours to days (depending on tube type) to accomplish. A Hard vacuum insures very long life under extreme usage.
  9. Each power tube, from start to finish, requires 128 hours of labor to construct.
  10. KR Audio has been building tubes since 1992, the craftsmen at KR Audio have been building tubes for much longer.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information about our company and products

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