BTA40-600 RD-91 Triac 600V 40A ST

Disponibilità: Disponibile
Data di spedizione: Immediata
Produttore: ST Microelectronics

■ High current TRIAC
■ Low thermal resistance with clip bonding
■ High commutation capability
■ BTA series UL1557 certified (File ref: 81734)
■ Packages are RoHS (2002/95/EC) compliant

■ On/off function in static relays, heating
regulation, induction motor starting circuits
■ Phase control operations in light dimmers,
motor speed controllers, and similar

Available in high power packages, the
BTA/BTB40-41 series is suitable for general
purpose AC switching.
The BTA series provides an insulated tab (rated at
2500 V rms).

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