Tube 6386 LGP GOLD JJ Selected

Delivery date: 7-10 days
Manufacturer: JJ Electronic
€ 155.00

The JJ 6386 is a new production tube replacement for Sta-Level, Manley, and Fairchild compressors. Studios with quality compressors deserve quality parts and this gold pin JJ delivers. Restore your gear to peak performance because every session counts. This previously impossible to find tube is now available.

Twin triode with exponential transfer characteristics
Uf = 6,3 V
f = ca. 320 mA

Typical characteristic:

Ua = 100 V
Rk = 200 Ω
Ia = 9,6 mA
S = 3 mA/V
Ri = 6 kΩ
μ = 18

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Data sheets JJ 6386 LGP:

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