Stefy Line


With a rare and happy production formula of “high craftsmanship” Stefy Line brand thinks, designs, develops and produces all its products.
A soul that binds to the more experienced manual and creative sensibility the most innovative technologies and production processes that are suitable to guarantee beautiful and absolutely functional, strong, and durable products.

Stefy Line is a true “technical atelier” that synthesizes and proposes the most competitive soul of world-renowned Italianism.


Our Brand

Founded in 1988 and still headed by Stefano Pizzichini and Laura Ercoli, the brand Stefy Line expresses and marks the excellence, industrial technique and Italian creativity applied to the vast and specific world of musical instrument bags.
From year to year Stefy Line has traveled and explored international geographies, known in person and satisfied in the front line a wide range of requests and specific needs of the professional musician who travels and lives on big stages, of those who live the music every day with passion and who moves the first steps on this artistic horizon so rich of creative energies and, at the same time, of high and concrete technical solutions.

In this perspective, Stefy Line is a full-fledged partner, a live actor who intimately and loudly talks with the world of music, and who has always taken care of the shapes and performances of your bag, offering a collection of specific products for every need, for every context of work and expression.

Stefy Line, one of the first industrial adventures dedicated since 1988 to the world of musical instruments.

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