Shuguang 845C Iron plate, factory matched PAIR

Delivery date: 20-30 days
Manufacturer: Shuguang

Shuguang 845C Iron plate, factory matched PAIR

Two 845C tubes, factory matched pair.

version upgrade 05-2014
845C Iron Plate now with increased 95 watts max. plate dissipation
the socket is made out of pure copper. beside the great screening the copper does tend to oxidate to a vintage appearance which is normal

The new anode has been increased in strength and length to handle more power with ease compared to the earlier versions.
Toshiba specially-made thorium tungsten cathode vacuum tube 845 is with more anode dissipation power. The cathode material with very strong electron emitting capacity helps to avoid distortion with a strong signal inputting. The distance between anode and grid leading wires has been increased to 35mm which improves the insulation greatly and at the same time reduces the medium loss of stem glass to resolve the problem of stem blown and air leak from stem. The new designed tubes 845B/845C are evacuated supremely for a long lifespan and stable performance. The tube is based with a pure copper base which is beautiful and has very good shelter to outside electricity field.
To sum up, the vacuum tube 845B/845C has an outstanding performance both in stability and sound.

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