Valvola ECC803S \ 12AX7WA Long plates ECC83 High performance GOLD PIN JJ Selezionata

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Manufacturer: JJ Electronic
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The JJ ECC803s is a hi-performance 12AX7 that has a spiral wound filament to reduce noise and hum. The construction is different from the JJ ECC83 in that the plates are more conventional, but have a special heat dissipating fin that serves to improve efficiency and gain. The plates of the tube are also "over-sized" (longer) as compared to most standard 12AX7 tubes. This over sized plate structure improves details in the bass and low mid-range responses. If you want that great JJ tone in a hi-performance package, then these are for you.


A. F. twin triode with separate cathodes, non microphonic
Uf = 6,3 V/12,6 V
If = ca. 300/150 mA

Typical characteristic:
Ua = 250 V
Rk = 800 Ω
Ia = 10,5 mA
S = 2,2 mA/V
Ri = 7,7 kΩ
μ = 17

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