ARCAM Diva CD192 CD Player

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Rare Best Buy High Performance Audiophile Compact Disc Player

One of the all time great 5 star CD Players with 4 x Wolfson WM8740 DACs in an all metal chassis

In very good condition with original remote control (normal signs of use especially on top panel)

RRP : 1200.00

From Arcam’s product description:

‘The CD192 is the highest performing CD player in the Arcam DiVA range, offering superior performance, a greater feature set and better value than has previously been possible in the DiVA product line. Arcam has been designing and building high performance CD players in its purpose built factory in the UK since 1986. All of this experience has been pulled together to make the CD192 the clear “best in class” performer.Using the design philosophy from Arcam’s highest performing player, the FMJ CD33T, the CD192 features upsampling technology*. By converting the standard CD digital audio to the high sample rates and bit depths used by DVD-Audio, some of the sound quality benefits of this more advanced disc format can now be realized in a standard CD player. Four Wolfson WM8740 DACs convert the digital data back to the analogue domain, the multiple DACs averaging out any errors that may be present in individual DAC ICs.Finally a DC coupled output stage and extremely accurate ultra-low jitter clocking system ensure a sound quality that is truly remarkable from a conventional CD and sensational at this price.The employed upsampling and DAC techniques effectively “upgrade” your CD collection offering more detail, greater imaging and an overall more emotional portrayal of the music.The CD192 was designed and manufactured in the UK’

What Hi-Fi  review

"Arcam's previous two CD players in this price class – the CD93T and the CD33 – were both solid, four-star performers. The CD192 takes part of the latter's design philosophy, adds some better-quality components and costs the small matter of £400 less. In theory, this product could turn out to be something rather special…

The CD192's impressive internal credentials include improved clocking stability (to minimise digital timing errors), an upgraded chassis and power supply, and the provision of four top-spec Wolfson WM8740 digital-to-analogue-converters. To top all this off, the CD192 includes enhanced 24-bit/192kHz upsampling via an Analog Devices AD1896 sample-rate converter.

According to Arcam, all this high-grade engineering results in a ‘leaner, meaner, faster sound', but does all this technology have the desired effect on the music?

The answer to that one is: ‘absolutely.' Our criticisms of the previous CD93T and CD33 models centred on a lack of sparkle and bite, but the CD192 is in a different class. It's got more sparkle than a room full of disco mirrorballs and more bite than Mike Tyson munching on Evander Holyfield's ear.

Arcam's bad – in a good way
This is definitely a case of no more Mr Nice Arcam: it delivers music with a fine sense of snap and attack, sonically slapping you round the face to make sure it's got your full, undivided attention.

The open and expansive presentation allows you to follow the musical trail easily, while the player's rhythmic ability is also impressive – it keeps an excellent tempo to The Killers' upbeat track Mr Brightside. There's also a welcome feeling of weight and clout given to lower frequencies, as bass notes hit the spot with accuracy and authority."

Is also great as a transport to connect an external DAC & an excellent base for further mods or tuning.

The instruction manual can be downloaded from Arcam's website.

Selling due to clear out of my prized Hi-Fi collection so grab yourself a bargain!


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