6922 / E88CC URSS NOS Selected (balanced) ECC88 / 6DJ8

Delivery date: 7-10 days
Manufacturer: Sovtek
€ 40.00

6922 / E88CC URSS NOS Premium Selected (balanced)

6N23P-EV  / 6H23P-EB  Twin-Triode  NOS/Russia
Upgrading for:   ECC88, E88CC, 6922, 6DJ8, 7308
The NOS 6N23P-EV (cyrillic 6H23π-EB) tube is a very noticeable upgrade over the Electro Harmonix 6922 tube. They are incredibly durable (ratet > 5,000 operation hours) and can handle the punishment of modern pre-amps, including those made by Audible Illusions. They excel in detail, speed, and soundstage. The highs have air and sound natural.
This premium Russian built NOS 6922 tube replacement is also known by various Russian names, including 6N23n-EB, 6H23N-EB and 6N23P-EV. These are the hard to find NOS (new old stock) of premium quality in both sound and construction.
The 6922 / 6DJ8 tube type is equivalent to the European ECC88 / E88CC tube and can be used in any 6922, 6DJ8 or ECC88 circuit.
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